Jul 7, 2017

So, what’s the deal with your phone?

If you know me and you’ve been around me you may have heard my phone ring.

If you’ve heard my phone ring, you also may have noticed it has a rather unique ringtone. I doubt there are many other people on the planet that have the same ringtone and I would doubt that anyone in my orbit has ever heard that ringtone.

If you were ever curious about where that sound generates from, I have a very simple answer for you... you see, I’m on the Global Frequency.

Don’t know what that is? Watch this:

This is probably the one greatest pilot that was never released and never made it into a series.

There’s a long tortuous story behind this pilot and what happened that the CW (the network that commissioned it) passed on it. It’s a sore spot for Warren Ellis (the creator of Global Frequency) and a sore spot for John Rogers (the Director of the pilot) to be sure because let’s face facts, with all the dreck that does wind up on TV this is something that should have gone forward.

Jerry Bruckheimer actually optioned it in 2014 but that went nowhere as well.

Still I watched the pilot again last night and just was amazed once more by it.

Warrren Ellis has done some great work but I think Global Frequency is even more relevant today than when it was originally released and certainly there are more stories to tell.

So, as much as a maniac as I am, I sent off a short note to Warren Ellis through some back channels (there is an advantage to having been on the internet for over 20 years) asking him if the time isn’t right to revisit GF.

At the same time, I sent a note off to the President of Original Programming at Showtime (don’t ask me what I was thinking) suggesting he watch the pilot and check out the graphic novel as it would make for some great TV.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed on both counts.

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